Sunday, December 26, 2010


I hope all my wonderful friends out there in blog land had a beautiful Christmas filled with Peace, Love, family and friends:)

I know, I know, I am really late posting AGAIN.....but I am getting better!! LOL

SO my amazing swap partner from Zan's holiday swap was the ever so talented Carisa Swenson from

This is my adorable Dia de los Muertos and Easter Rabit!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE him and am honoured to have my very own Carisa doll:)

This is the doll I sent to Carisa. She is Easter/Valentines Rabit girl .

Monday, December 6, 2010

I am a Bad Bad Blogger:( and a Swap!!!

First of all, I am soooo sorry I have been so absent:(
Life threw me a few curve balls this past summer and I have been just trying to figure it all out.
Alot has happened and I will do my best to update as I try to remember it all right after I tell you about this AMAZING swap that is being hosted by the lovely and talented (among many other things) Zan from I am sure most of you know her and all the good and fun things she does but if you don't you MUST check out her blog!!!

Now, back to the swap, it is called The Holiday Doll Ball Swap so you are to do a doll that has something to do with a holiday. How much fun does that sound like???!!! There is even going to be a parade!!!! WOOOO HOOOO!! I love parades, especially DOLL parades.... It is going to be held on Dec 12th so please mark that as a must attend!!!

My swap[ partner is Carisa Swenson...check out here blog!!! I LOVE her work :)

There are sooooo many wicked talented artist in this swap so grab a cup of coffee (or what-ever lol ) and go over to and check out all the blogs you can visit......under the badge for the swap there is the list of participants:)

Have fun and see you at the Parade!!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I'm Terribly Late!!!

I am so sorry to break the commitment of doing the Alice In Wonderland" blog even:( MY BAD!!

Not that there is an excuse that is good enough but......... I have been working 70 hours a week and the last two day I have been with out the Internet:( My dolls are NOT finished but I have a good start on The Queen of Hearts, Alice with a severed white rabbit head ( I know, I know, sounds bad but it is kinda cute lol ) and a flamingo girl.

I promise to finish all of them soon and post pics here is you will be so kind as to come back to visit me here:)

I won't be around too much this summer as this summer gig I took will be taking up ALL my time!! Be back in full force in the fall though, I promise:)

Kay, off to see some of the ALcie dolls!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Jon-John joins the circus and ADO blog event

Jon-John's mama made them join the circus. You see she is a bit selfish and knew that her boys would be a good attraction and would fetch her lots of money. Jon loves the attention but John would much rather be some where else....what to do what to do???

Jon-John is my doll for Art Dolls Only (ADO) mini monthly challenge which was circus and sideshow.

Speaking of ADO.....We are holding our 2nd annual Blog event challenge and would like to invite ALL of you to take part in this wonderful event!! The Challenge is to make an Alice in Wonderland doll. It can be in any medium you like but has to be completed in one month. The sign up date begin today, June 1 2010 . Pop on over to and sign up today!!!
See you there

Sunday, May 30, 2010

It's a Jenny, It's a bird, IT'S JENNYBIRD

While I was in San Francisco I had the great pleasure of Meeting the amazing Jennybird at Jack Howe's opening for one of his art shows. It was a great show and I met so many nice people. Jack's art work is something you need to check out if you haven't seen it before. Google Jack Howe.
Jenny and I exchanged info and a few days after the show I contacted her to see if I could come by for a visit before I went back to Canada. We welcomed me with her sweet open arms into her home and her private studio!! OMG.......... I was lost for words!!!!
I LOVE Jenny and her Over the top work.. Here is a small sample of what I had the honor to view with my very own eyes!!!
Thanks you sooooo much jenny for giving me the privilege to see your beautiful art work up close and personal:) These images and many others will be forever etched in my mind:)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Frisco dolls Sheri Debow and Jennybird OH MY

Hello all my blog land friends!!!

I have just return from spending 3 wonderful week in Beautiful San Francisco!!! What an amazing place!! The art in this city is mind blowing, the graffiti alone is some thing like I have never experienced any where else. I was so lucky to spend 3 days the the talented and sweet Sheir Debow. We made dolls, and shopped, and had a lovely and Delicious dinner and her ever so talented chef husbands Terry's Bistro called Fume Bistro and bar in Napa your self a huge favor and GO there.

This is one of the dolls I made while playing with Sheri Debow in Napa Valley Ca. We each made four dolls some the other will complete and some we will finish ourselves but when they are all done, they will be united and hopefully published as a collaboration:)

Sheri's work is amazing and it was purely my pleasure to spend 3 days with her and make dolls together!!! Love you Sheri:) And Thank you SOOOOO much for the wonderful experience that I will NEVER forget and can never thank her enough for her open arms and generous hospitality!!!
This is one of the doll I made at Sheri's. She is nameless as of now and not quite finished but does have a big sister at Sheri's house and she is asking when she will see her again......soon little one, I promise!!

I had the best time I have had in a very long time but now it is time to get back to work!!

Will post more amazing pictures later. We took over 1000 photos so it may take me some time to sort through them!! LOL

I just realized that my Jennybird pictures are in my other computer so I will post them tomorrow:) AMAZING so PLEASE come back and have a boo!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

ADO on Ebay and the dog ate my camera!!

Earnest Philip Samual is on ebay, along with many other ADO members dolls:) Please check them out by doing a search on ADO art dolls at

Sorry about the dates on the bottom of the photo, my dog Sirius got a hold of my camera and now due to his huge Mastiff bite marks on the menu button, I can't take the date off or change it!! BAD DOG SIRIUS!!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

ADO Mini monthly Challenge.....Angels

So our mini monthly challenge for Art dolls only group was "angels"

I have posted just a few for your viewing pleasure:)

This is Gillian, my little angel, she is a new angel so does not have her wings yet:)
Please excuse the totally wrong date on the bottom of my stupid camera is broken and I can't change it!!! Augh....time for a new one:) The Talented Abi Munroe from

Nicole's "fallen Angel" from

Anna Zueva's Angel from

And......the ever so amazing and adorable Floradora from with her oh so cute Angel......

If you would like to see more of this teams multi talented work please visit

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


So sorry to be a bit tardy on the winner of the OWOH event:( Life can be sooo busy some time!!
Using the random # generator and not knowing how to post the results:( you will have to trust me on this one.
A drum roll please..............
The winner of Lenny and Lyle is.......# 112 which is Jodi Creager at

I really want to thanks all of you who visited my blog and entered my draw for Lenny and Lyle:)
I so enjoyed this magic carpet ride and met sooooo many amazing people on my journey around the world on my magic carpet and most of all I want to thank the wonderful Lisa Swifka at for making ALL OF THIS possible....Hip Hip Hooray for Lisa!!!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Two more days and 500 plus blogs to go!!

My Magic carpet need to fill up on some more petro to finish the journey of the One World One Heart event!! It has been an amazing journey so far but I need to step on the gas if I am going to finish it! Only two more days to go then we will find out who all the Lucky winners are. If you ask me.....we are all winners, I have met so many new people and seen so much amazingly talented artists work that I will have inspiration to draw from for a long while:)

I want to thank EVERY ONE who signed up fro my give-a-way for Lenny and Lyle, I am more then confident that they will be going to a good home no matter who wins them:) I am not responsible for what they do though once they leave my care!!! hehehe

You still have a few days left to visit a bunch more peeps ( click on the OWOH badge on my sidebar for the link) though so get back on your magic carpet and check them ALL out!!!


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ginny, ADO and TDP 2010

Shipping starts today for ADO's Traveling Doll Project 2010!! I am part of Team Boneca and my other team mate are the ever so talented Deena from and Bari from

They are both amazing doll makers and I am so lucky to be part of such this team:)

This is Virginia, Ginny for short, she will be making her way to see Bari first in Arizona, then in one months time off to see Deena in Michigan then back to me a finished doll!! I can't wait for her return so I can see what she has become!!

This is Wynn, I just love her already:) The ever so talented Deena will be working on Wynn first. There was some questions as to the gender of Wynn but I think SHE is a sweet soul just waiting to shine through!! But......who know until the end when Wynn returns home to the hands of Bari.....She is going to Deena first so by the time she/her gets to me things could change!! That is one of the things that make this wonderful project so much fun!!! I am so honored to be part of the project again this year!!! The first doll I will get is from Deena, now this is going to be somewhat of a challenge for me as I have never added the head to an already made body!! and an amazing body too I might add!! I am excited about this!! but a little nervous too...... I have so good ideas for this doll as I am sure Bari does too and it will be really interesting to see how she finishes:)

This project is soooo amazing!! Last year was the first year ADO did this project and this year it is bigger!! PLEASE follow the ADO blog to keep track of all the teams that are participating...

You can follow all the teams dolls there and see the transformation of alot of amazing dolls!!! Please, if you are not already, become a follower of ADO's blog :)

Stay tuned for what happens to these amazing dolls!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

OWOH Magic Carpet ride 2010 is HERE!!!

The time of year has come again for the Amazing event called One World One Heart!!! Last year was my first time taking part in this event and let me tell you......IT WAS AMAZING!!! I met soooo many wonderful and creative people and......I won two great prizes!!

Get ready for a Magic Carpet Ride of your life!! Just click on the badge in my sidebar, that will link you to Lisa's blog where you will find a never ending list of delightful blogs to visit from all around the world and at each blog you will be able to enter a draw to win what ever this generous artist is offering simply by commenting on their OWOH blog post!!!

What a great way to meet new friends and possibly win something too!!!!

You better hurry!!!! You only have until Feb 15th 2010 to visit them ALL:)

This year I am offering "Lenny" the Elf and his little friend "Lyle". What a naughty team they are and to be honest......I will be quite happy to see them go!!!! LOL They tend to get in a bit of trouble:) They tease the cats and they raid the fridge every night!! I just want you to be aware of what you are getting into by commenting on this post!!! You just might end up with this naughty duo living with you!!!!

If you still would like to comment, then please leave me a way to get a hold of you so I can send Lenny and Lyle to live with YOU!!!

Thank you soooo much for visiting my blog and you can bet your sweet button I will be visiting yours!!!

Happy travels my OWOH friends and enjoy this wonderful ride:)Add Image

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

All Good Thing:)

Okay folk, let the fun begin!!!!
Soon will be the One Wold One Heart event are you ready??? It start in just a few days Jan 26 2010 and runs until Feb 15th. Lots of time to check out ALL the amazing bloggers who are participating.
The rule are simple, and you can read them all on Lisa's blog by clicking on the OWOH badge on my sidebar:)
If you have not signed up yet, there is still time so run on over there and get signed up.
It is a great way to meet so many talented and kind folks out there in blogland and a ton of wonderful give-a-ways to be had too:)

Soon after OWOH begins, ADO is starting a brand new Traveling Doll Project bigger and better then the last!!!
We have 7 teams this time instead of 3 and we will be blogging about it all along the way!!! Doesn't that sound like a barrel of monkeys???? WOO HOO, I am going to be a busy (and Happy) girl!!!

Stay tuned, the fun has just begun!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Light In The Dark

Well the opening night of our gallery show went off without a hitch!! We named the show "The Light In The Dark" seemed fitting for all of our work:) The paintings you see in the gallery were done by two of my co-workers, Deb and Ryan. We figure we had 75 to 100 people through the gallery with in an hour!! We were happy with that considering the short time we had to put the show together...( about a week, with Christmas and all) The stands for the dolls we made two day before the show!!) I tried to rent some but that wasn't happening. It all worked out pretty good though and the feed back from the guests was AWESOME!! No sales that night but lots of inquiries and some people said they were going to have to decide which one they wanted. I also had a few people asking about commission work so hopefully I will hear from them and get some work:) We gathered next door at a cool lounge next door to the gallery for some wonderful hors D'oeuvres (?) and some mingling. All in all it was a really nice evening and fun was had by all!!

Thanks soooo mcuh for all your well wishes and support, it means alot to me:)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tonight Is The Night!!

OMG, i feel a bit sick!! tonight is the opening of my FIRST gallery show and I am soooo nervous!!
I will post pics tomorrow and tell you all about ti:)

Yikes, I am sure most of you know how I feel so you can relate. Any advice on how to not look like a fool would be great!!! LOL

Sorry I have been neglecting my blog, I have just had so much on the go, after this weekend I will be sure to update. There is so many exciting things going on right now, with the traveling doll project with ADO and the One World One Heart with Lisa, to my show and so on!!

Will see you all tomorrow:)