Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tonight Is The Night!!

OMG, i feel a bit sick!! tonight is the opening of my FIRST gallery show and I am soooo nervous!!
I will post pics tomorrow and tell you all about ti:)

Yikes, I am sure most of you know how I feel so you can relate. Any advice on how to not look like a fool would be great!!! LOL

Sorry I have been neglecting my blog, I have just had so much on the go, after this weekend I will be sure to update. There is so many exciting things going on right now, with the traveling doll project with ADO and the One World One Heart with Lisa, to my show and so on!!

Will see you all tomorrow:)



Patty Benedict said...

Congrats!!!! Just be yourself..have fun and enjoy the spotlight!!!
Bugs & hisses

essie said...

Hey Jacqui

I couldn't say it better then Patty already said.
Enjoy and be your sparkling self.
You can be so proud of your art.


alimaky_woodedwoods said...

Congrats Jacqui, I wish I could be there tonight, you'll do great--your work is awesome and will speak for itself!

julie campbell said...

Wonderful news, Hope you relax and enjoy every minute,
Good luck, cant wait to hear all about it , I know you'll shine

Sycamore Moon Studios said...

It's going to be great!!! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jacqui, Congratulations! No wonder you are nervous. Don't worry, your dolls speak for themselves. Everyone will be so enthralled with your work that they will be nervous just to meet you. Can't wait to hear how it goes.
Smiles, Debbie

MarZel said...

Congrats!! I am so excited for you and cannot wait to see the pictures and read the post!!

Sue said...

Oh Jacqui, I wish I could have attended your opening! I bet it was a huge success! Can't wait to hear about it.


Odddollz by Jacqui said...

Thank you all:) You made me smile HUGE this mornign to readall your well wishes and encouragment!!! You guys are a huge reason I continues to grow and I LOVE you all for it!!! I am so proud to have friends like you and be part of such a wonderfully supportive community:)
The Opening went really really well considering we hade sucha short amout of time to prepar for it. We figure we had about 76 people through the gallery in an hour with lots of positve feedback and promises to buy and commission work:)
It was a really great night and I woke up a happy girl!!!

Thanks you all again for you warm words and I will post picture today or tonight. My camera is broken so I had some one else take pics for me:)


Jorge de Rojas said...

Congrats! can't wait to see the event pictures. Glad to here it went well.

Pattee said...

Breath Jacqui!!!!
Wear something that makes you feel great and comfortable.

I'm with Kamilla I wish I could be there and hold your hand if need be.

You'll do fine!!! I want to see lots of pictures!

Mealy Monster Land said...

can not wait to see pictures!! congrats Jacqui, I bet it went fantastic!!!!

John said...

Oh dear beautiful girl Jacqui, congratulation for your new journey starting!and hope you can do batter and more beautiful work in future!
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