Thursday, September 25, 2008


When the Yellow Fever took his beautiful wife Eleanor, Norman was left to raise their only child Clarice. With a broken heart he did the best he could but life was so dark with out her. He found himself sinking deeper and deeper into debt and doom.

He lost his job at the coal mine because he had no one to care for Clarice and with no job it wasn't long before the bank took their home.

Norman had no where to turn and no family to help. He had no choice but to go to Mrs Blathersby's orphanage for the unattractive and mentally unsound. He knew that it was unusual for a grown man to ask to live there but he thought he could perhaps work for their room and board. He begged her to take them in and Mrs Blathersby agreed to and said he could be the gardener. She gave them a room in one of the towers.

Norman thought that since they were no longer in their home, the dreams would stop, but night after night Eleanor came to him pleading with him to bring Clarice and join her on the other side.

One night after waking in a sweat from yet another dream, Norman did the unthinkable!

While sweet Clarice lay asleep with her teddy tucked under her arm, he took his garden sheers and slit her throat. He then climbed up onto the night table, threw a rope over the rafter and hung himself.

Norman did not realize that by taking his own life he would not be able to join his wife and daughter and would be forever in the small room in the tower.

Clarice can be seen from time to time wandering the gardens looking for her him.
Clarice's nighty is hand made along with her night cap and bloomers using my great grandmother dress which is round 125 years old. The lace trim is recycled as well but is from around the 60's. She is truely one of a kind:)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Almost finished.

A bit more work to go and she will be finished. Hem her nighty and add lace to the bottom, gore her neck a bit more and add some blood stains to her clothes. I think I might change her eyes too.

Friday, September 12, 2008


This is Clarice, She is a ghost that wonders the gardens at Mrs Blathersby's orphanage for the unattractive and mentally unsound.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Born out of wedlock to a young girl due to an unfortunte event, he was never wanted. The moment he was born, she turned her back and shouted" take him away!!"

He was nameless, motherless and homeless at birth.

One of the nurses, Marion Jones, who assisted in his delivery offered to take him home until they could place him.

She named him Bobby. See Bobby was her one and only love......and that was in grade 5

Well only after a few weeks she realized that this baby Bobby was more then she could handle. He cried morning and night and nothing seemed to settle him. Marion gladly surrendered him to the courts.

He went from foster home to foster home and they all said the same thing. " this baby Bobby is NOT a happy baby!"

As he began to walk and talk it was clear he was just a bad seed and all hopes of him finding a home had vanished. They had no choice but to take him to MRSBO. Bobby was 3 when he came to live at the orphanage four years ago.

He bites, curses, spits and all kinds of other vulgar acts but deep down inside he just wants to be loved.