Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Back from the show:)

Well we are back from the show, Had a Great TIME!! We are all tired and back to work today but every one was busy, lots of tattoos to be done and we all got new tattoos too!! Jay and I got a small swallow on or HANDS!! yes on the hand. Jay got his on his right hand and I got mine on my left, when we hold hands now our swallows and kiss:) We also have these swallows that fly in our house all the time. If we leave our deck door open, they fly in, fly around our kitchen and living room and fly back out again!! I guess we have crossed over the line now, no turning back......we are now officially part of the tattoo world!! Sailor Jerry Swallow did our tattoos for us. He is an old school tattooer from the 50's and it was really cool to have a tattoo done by an old school boy. A part of our history:)
Jay tattoo machines were a BIG hit too!! I was sooooo happy for him:) People were looking for them that bought them last year and sending people to get them!! I guess we are going to have to start doing the convention circuit like the new age carnies:) LOL

Our skull we made did really well. it finished in the top 4 or 5 out of 40. If you would like to see all the finished skull you can check them out here. http://tattoos.com/nix/skulls/index.html

scroll down to see them.

Well back to my dolls, this was a fun weekend but really cut into my doll making so I am happy to be back on track.

I will have updates and WIP coming soon:)

Hope you all had a great weekend, I have some catching up to do so gotta go for now:)



Thursday, June 18, 2009

Off to the show, a visit from my Bro and a beautiful award!!

So....I am off to the tattoo convention for the weekend and will probably not have a lot of time to stop by my favorite blogs and see how your week ends are going:( I will miss you guys for a few days) but hope the convention will be exciting and I will have allot to show and tell you all on Monday.

My brother, Perry, came home to visit, dog sit and attend the show for a day too!! He is also a tattoo fan and is looking forward to the show as well:) Having TWO pony sized dogs ( with one of them needing medication 2 times a day) it is very difficult to find care for them for us to be able to go away anywhere for more then a day. I am sooo happy Perry could fly in from Edmonton to take care of the beasts and visit for a week!!!

The first beast is Morpheus and the other is Sirius.

Then the wonderful and beautiful (inside and out) Michelle from Crow Haven Farm. http://thestudioatcrowhavenfarm.blogspot.com/ Please visit her if you haven't yet. she ROCKS and you will surely love her as much as I do:) She is probably one of the most amazingly giving, honest and beautiful people that I have had the honour to call my FRIEND:) She has encouraged me and supported me in both my art and my being and I really do love her:) AND I can't wait to hug her too:)

This award was developed by Tessa in honor of Dr Maithri Goonetilleke's birthday. Tessa was inspired by the way Dr Goonetileke reaches out to others and, with his humanity as her guide, she created this award "to acknowledge the depth and breadth of the warm open-heartedness from bloggers all over the world who reach out and touch their readers with their words."Tessa goes on to quote Dr Goonetilleke: "It has been my experience that whenever one human being reaches out to another in compassion, a bridge is built. A bridge which leads out of despair, into the light of hope and the possibility that tomorrow will hold a few less tears than yesterday." (copied from Michelle's blog which was copied from Zan's blog http://wildatheartart.blogspot.com/ ) and yes, Zan is drop dead gorgeous!! and talented and giving and fun and funny and and and........well she is special:)

The rules here are to pass this amazing award are simple. Just pass it on to 3 (that is the hardest part of it, that you can only choose 3) who will pass it to 3 people then they will pass it to 3 people until ALL of blogland has it:)

So here goes..........

To my friend Kamila....http://woodedwoods.blogspot.com/AMAZINGLY creative and and wonderful and crazy imagination. She has taught me to let my hands make what my mind sees, she has also been there for me when ever I have problems or questions about doll making, opened a world of magic to me and is just plain fun and inspiring to be around. She is my clay play partner and I hope to be part of her life FOREVER!! OMG....if you have not seen her work you life is not complete!! Feast your eyes!!

Then to the ever so talented and always inspiring Colleen over at Loopy Boopy Art http://loopyboopy.blogspot.com/ Loopy makes the most darling and unmistakably loopy dolls!! Some day I WILL own one!! I must!! she is so....well so.. to be looked up to:) I admire her work and her happy-go-lucky way:) and of coarse her dollies:)

Then last on my ever so hard to choose list is the Master of the Dark Adorable Dollies.....the ever so unique and special, the one and the only......GAIL LACKY:) http://gaillackey.blogspot.com/ I am sure she has no idea the impact she has had on me in both my doll making carere and in my life. that dolls are little beings with souls and that to be humble is one of the most appealing and beautiful qualities one can possess. She to me is the best roll model I could even dream to become 1/2 of what she is. I know that is kinda mushy but she really really is a beautiful soul and has had an incredible impact on me:) Besides......she make the cutest dolls EVER!!!

Please enjoy your awards ladies and display them with pride know they were given to you with love:)



Friday, June 12, 2009

skull, Nanami and shameless self promotion

For those of you who have been wanting to know, we finished the skull entry for the exhibit and silent auction at the tattoo convention in Toronto this comming week end. It ended up bing a colaberation of the entire shop. Mostly being done by Al Hartshorn and myself but every one added their two cents to it too. I think it turned out, well.......interesting!! LOL

I will let you know how he does in the auction:)

I sure learned alot from this project!! It is a life size skull and we used bike sprockets, watch and clock parts, springs, hoses, air dry clay, polymer clay, spray foam insulation, wood, screws, hot glue,wire , poly wrap stuff, spray paint, and an airbrush.....hmmmm, wonder if I forgot anything?? LOL

How is that for mixed media??

The amazing Zan over at http://wildatheartart.blogspot.com/ is hosting an under the sea swap. There are soooo many wonderful artist participating in the even I am really happy to be a part of it:) Luck me, my swap partner is Sheri from http://ostrichgirl5.blogspot.com/ I just love love love her work and am soooo excited to see mine finished and get her into my grubby little paws!!

This is what I made for her.

My Name is Nanami
Which means Seven Seas.
My Father he is and octopus
My Mother is Japanese.
one more thing I just wanted to add....it is shameless self promotion but hey.....I am jsut trying like all of us to get out there!!
Over on our DAG (The Dark Artist Guild) blog Marzel was kind enough to interview me:) If you are interested in reading it and seeing some of my dolls you can visit http://darkartistsguild.blogspot.com/2009/06/dag-artist-interview-jacqui-of-odd.html
After you read mine and you are still hungrey for inspiration please read the other interview of my ever so talented team mates!! Get ready to feast your eyes on some incredibly awesome and dark art!!
Thanks to all of you who read through is whole post, it was a big one for me:)
Hope you enjoyed it!
HUGZ to ll my blogland friend, I can't imagin my life now with out you all in it:)

Monday, June 8, 2009

"skulls" Exhibit and tattoo convention

Happy Monday everybody!!

Just thought I would show some WIP for a skull exhibit we are participating in for a Tattoo convention coming up in a few weeks. I am doing a colaberation with one of the artists at the tattoo shop. Jay and I have done the work on this so far and today Al HArtshorn is working his magic on it. I will post pictures of it a bit later. here is a link to the convention and exhitib if any one would like to check it out. http://tattoos.com/nix/skulls/index.html

Should be lots of fun and the money that is collected from the silent auction will be donated to local (Toronto) children's arts charity:)

Monday, June 1, 2009

DAG spotlight.....A treat for you!!!

Well every one, it has been a while since I did a spotlight for one of my talented team mate for DAG so this week I thought it was about time!! I have a good memory but a tad on the shot side! LOL

Any way this week I would like to share with you the amazing and creative Pam. She creates in Dark Fantasy, Gothic, Macabre style and I know you are going to just love her work!! I know I sure do:) You can see more of her work at her website http://www.labyrinth-creations.com/welcome.htm and to purchase one of her incredible pieces of work you can go to her ETSY store http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5852741

Please take a few min and visit both, it will be a visual treat!!!

Welcome to DAG Pam we are lucky to have you as part of the Team:)