Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Madam Opal and Grandma witch

I am so thrilled to have Madam Opal home and she looks amazing!!! She is more then I envisioned and the artist that worked on her were so in tune with what Madam Opal was meant to be:) I am honoured to have had so many talented doll maker work on her and will treasure her for a life time! I will definitely participate in a project like this again!!
Working on these different dolls forced me to work out side of my comfort zone and I think I am a better artist because of this, for this I will always be grateful. What a wonderful experience this was !!

When Grandma Witch arrived at my door, I was so excited to open her!! For a few reasons, one, she was my last doll to work on and two, she is amazing!!! For a few days she sat and watched me, she didn't say much, just observed the madness at my house. She seemed to gravitate to the cats and they seemed be around her alot. I think she felt safe around them. More so then with me or my BIG dogs. She need some thing to tell her secrets to and it wasn't me:(
I picked up my clay a few days after she arrived and this cat seemed to birth itself!!! Grandma Witch was watching and seemed to smile, I knew this was what she needed:)
The moment I finished this kitty and placed it in her arms, she was complete. They are a perfect pair and I heard them whispering to each other for the next couple of days before I gently packed her up with all her belongings she collected along her journey and sent her back to Cindy, home at last with an interesting story to tell I am sure:)
What a wonderful doll she is, such a gentle soul and beautiful face!! I loved seeing her in person, as all the other amazing dolls and again, can not express my gratitude for being able to of worked with all these talented artist and will always hold fond memories of this experience:)
Until next time.......ta ta for now

Saturday, August 8, 2009


So the DAG treasure hunt has come to an end:( It was so much fun meeting all the new people who have chosen to follow my humble blog and enter my give away for Matilda the Zombie bride! I wish I could give some thing to every one! I really appreciate every one who entered and thank you all very much:) I do hope you have made some new friends and discovered some amazing artists.

Now for the winner......I wrote out all your names and drew them from a hat with the help of my DH. Just so you know. And the winner of my little zombie bride is........MICHELLE from Congrats to you Michelle, I do hope you love her:)

Can you please email me at with your mailing address so I can ship her out to you:)

Now one more chance for all of you to win an amazing prize....the GRAND one!!

Big Ol Zombie Hugz


Wednesday, August 5, 2009


So the DAG treasure hunt is quicky comming to an end and if you have not entered yet, better hurry!!
all the artist participating in the DAG treasure hunt have made amazing dolls to give away and the grand prize is AWESOME!!! Donated by Marzel at

Here is a list of the particpating blog if you have not posted a coment in all yet. You MUSt become a follower of all the blogs, including DAG'S and post a comment to be eligable to win.

... ON Participating Blogs in order to find the contest post!