Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Jon-John joins the circus and ADO blog event

Jon-John's mama made them join the circus. You see she is a bit selfish and knew that her boys would be a good attraction and would fetch her lots of money. Jon loves the attention but John would much rather be some where else....what to do what to do???

Jon-John is my doll for Art Dolls Only (ADO) mini monthly challenge which was circus and sideshow.

Speaking of ADO.....We are holding our 2nd annual Blog event challenge and would like to invite ALL of you to take part in this wonderful event!! The Challenge is to make an Alice in Wonderland doll. It can be in any medium you like but has to be completed in one month. The sign up date begin today, June 1 2010 . Pop on over to http://www.artdollsonly.blogspot.com/ and sign up today!!!

See you there