Thursday, December 24, 2009

OWOH 2010, Addison and Ben

This time of year is full of love, family, friends and laughter, I wish you all lots of all of the above!!

For those of you traveling, I wish you a safe journey and for those of you expecting travelers I wish them a safe journey to your homes:)

The time has come once again for the One World One Heart event!!! Last year was my first time partaking and what a great experience that was!!!Thanks to Lisa's over at A whimsical bohemian ( I can't seem to get the link to her page work right now but am going to try and add a click able badge on my tool bar)

Any way, this is a great event that you should ALL attend. There will be LOTS of cool stuff to be won and a ton of wonderful people to meet:)

This might just be my last doll for 2009!! (maybe not too LOL)

Her name is Addison and her little mouse friend is Ben.

Addison still need some shoes...hehe hopefully tonight:)