Saturday, October 31, 2009


So it has been a few years since I have listed anything on ebay so I thought I would give it another try??? Boy it has changed alot since I used it last!! Looks different and I don't know how to make it look pretty:(

Please take a few min and check out Elijah Edwards auction:)

tonight is the midnight ball, Yve is hosting it and you simply MUST attend!!!! There will be sooooo many amazing dolls to see!! Check it out:)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Elsie, Bella, their BIG hats and more!!!!

I have been just terrible with updating my blog:( I have a million things on the go and can't seem to post about any of it:( This is the last thing I finished so though I would at least post them.
I have on the go my monster swap that Zan is hosting from You still have time to sign up if you haven't yet!! The deadline is Nov 4th
an ornament Christmas exchange with my ADO members, and a few challenges,(that are due soon...ugh, I haven't started yet) Oh, you should check out the Halloween challenge finished dolls on the ADO blog, they are awesome!!

A few DAG challenges to do, one to finish and one to start... Check out the Dark Artist Blog to see some wicked, dark art by some amazing artists!!

So after my hat lesson with Kamila the hat master, this is what came of it:) Elsie and Bella.

Elsie is trying to take Bella off to Sunday school but Bella has other plans that do not include Sunday school!!
Elsie is about 12" tall and Bella is 10"