Wednesday, January 20, 2010

All Good Thing:)

Okay folk, let the fun begin!!!!
Soon will be the One Wold One Heart event are you ready??? It start in just a few days Jan 26 2010 and runs until Feb 15th. Lots of time to check out ALL the amazing bloggers who are participating.
The rule are simple, and you can read them all on Lisa's blog by clicking on the OWOH badge on my sidebar:)
If you have not signed up yet, there is still time so run on over there and get signed up.
It is a great way to meet so many talented and kind folks out there in blogland and a ton of wonderful give-a-ways to be had too:)

Soon after OWOH begins, ADO is starting a brand new Traveling Doll Project bigger and better then the last!!!
We have 7 teams this time instead of 3 and we will be blogging about it all along the way!!! Doesn't that sound like a barrel of monkeys???? WOO HOO, I am going to be a busy (and Happy) girl!!!

Stay tuned, the fun has just begun!!


Kathy said...

I saw this on another blog I follow and I'm looking forward to participating this year. What a wonderful idea.

Odddollz by Jacqui said...

This is such a great event!!! If you have not participated in it yet you simply MUST!!! What a wonderful time we are all going to have:)
Hang on to your hats kids, this is going to be a magic carpet ride!!!! WOO HOO

Sue said...

This is going to be SUCH fun! Really looking forward to it. Trying to get a piece done for the ADO blog too.

Gotta love magic carpet rides!


The Studio at Crow Haven Farm, LLC said...

Hey sweetheart, it's that time of year again and get ready for another ride of a life time. Last year's event was so amazing and absolutely mind blowing. Can't wait to see your amazing giveaway and fly over and get you on the magic carpet of mine. WHOOOHOOO
Love ya

Simone said...

What beautiful mischeivious little guys Jacqui. I would love to give Lenny and Lyle a wonderful fridge is well stocked so they will never go hungry...They will have a huge house to run around in as well....Take care Jacqui and I hope your show continues to be a great success.....Love ya..

John said...

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