Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Frisco dolls Sheri Debow and Jennybird OH MY

Hello all my blog land friends!!!

I have just return from spending 3 wonderful week in Beautiful San Francisco!!! What an amazing place!! The art in this city is mind blowing, the graffiti alone is some thing like I have never experienced any where else. I was so lucky to spend 3 days the the talented and sweet Sheir Debow. We made dolls, and shopped, and had a lovely and Delicious dinner and her ever so talented chef husbands Terry's Bistro called Fume Bistro and bar in Napa your self a huge favor and GO there.

This is one of the dolls I made while playing with Sheri Debow in Napa Valley Ca. We each made four dolls some the other will complete and some we will finish ourselves but when they are all done, they will be united and hopefully published as a collaboration:)

Sheri's work is amazing and it was purely my pleasure to spend 3 days with her and make dolls together!!! Love you Sheri:) And Thank you SOOOOO much for the wonderful experience that I will NEVER forget and can never thank her enough for her open arms and generous hospitality!!!
This is one of the doll I made at Sheri's. She is nameless as of now and not quite finished but does have a big sister at Sheri's house and she is asking when she will see her again......soon little one, I promise!!

I had the best time I have had in a very long time but now it is time to get back to work!!

Will post more amazing pictures later. We took over 1000 photos so it may take me some time to sort through them!! LOL

I just realized that my Jennybird pictures are in my other computer so I will post them tomorrow:) AMAZING so PLEASE come back and have a boo!!


Pattee said...

Oh Jacqui.. I love the doll you made with Sheri ~ You lucky woman..

San Fran what a beautiful city! My husband and I are traveling there next week as it's a hop, skip and jump from here.... We are going all over Northern Ca.

I'm so hoping to meet up with you in Chicago for NIADA!!!
Hugs Pattee

Debby said...

Oh you lucky girl!!! Sounds like so much fun.

just me said...

she is wonderful, can't wait to see some more pics!! love love love the wall of art!!

Sue said...

What fun you must have had!

I love the doll you made with Sheri - she is fabulous!

Thank you so much for posting about your wonderful visit.



LoopyBoopy said...

Sheri just looks like such a fun person, I can't wait to meet here in October. (we are doing a show together here in New Orleans) Looks like she inspired you to use a bit of color on your sweet doll Jacqui. So glad you trip was so much fun and inspiring!!

Sheri DeBow said...

Jacqui! You are such a sweety! Wow I feel like such a lagger for not keeping up on my BLOG! You Rock!
What a great weekend! I wish it could have been longer! I can't wait till we can play again!
Thankyou for the quick amazing hand lesson! I wish you weren't so far so we could have some more gab sessions and thrift store and antique hopping! Talk to you soon! Love you and Miss you!!!1 xoxo Sheri