Monday, December 6, 2010

I am a Bad Bad Blogger:( and a Swap!!!

First of all, I am soooo sorry I have been so absent:(
Life threw me a few curve balls this past summer and I have been just trying to figure it all out.
Alot has happened and I will do my best to update as I try to remember it all right after I tell you about this AMAZING swap that is being hosted by the lovely and talented (among many other things) Zan from I am sure most of you know her and all the good and fun things she does but if you don't you MUST check out her blog!!!

Now, back to the swap, it is called The Holiday Doll Ball Swap so you are to do a doll that has something to do with a holiday. How much fun does that sound like???!!! There is even going to be a parade!!!! WOOOO HOOOO!! I love parades, especially DOLL parades.... It is going to be held on Dec 12th so please mark that as a must attend!!!

My swap[ partner is Carisa Swenson...check out here blog!!! I LOVE her work :)

There are sooooo many wicked talented artist in this swap so grab a cup of coffee (or what-ever lol ) and go over to and check out all the blogs you can visit......under the badge for the swap there is the list of participants:)

Have fun and see you at the Parade!!!


Pattee said...

YAY Finally I see a new post by Jacqui!!!!

I was lucky enough to meet up with you this summer.... going through some of the same sh*t....

I'm going over to Zan's blog right now and see whats up!

Love ya~Pattee

Zan Asha said...

Hey WOMAN! I love this shout out!!! Haha, I will have the parade of dolls from the swap up this Friday and YOU KNOW that YOUR DOLL is just amazing. I LOVE it (haha, one day you and I have to be partners!!)


Odddollz by Jacqui said...

Hello there Pattee cakes!!! lol I know I have been such a bad blogger!!! tisk tisk :( I will try harder to keep up and post every now and then.
Tons has happened but I will save it for the
I was pretty luck to meet you too sweets, we were exactly what each other needed when we needed it:)

Love you too......rickshaw ride any one??? hehehheheh

Odddollz by Jacqui said...

Zan oh are soooo dang cute!! you are the best blogger i Know, how do you do it???? Do you do blog tutoring??? lol
It is MY pleasure to participate in your doll swap events:) They are alwasy alot of fun and I really enjoy doing them:) I have had wonderful partnes who are now wonderful friends!!! That's how I met my SHeri:) Love love love my sheri and her dollies:)
Thanks so much for hosting such great events, you know I will always be back for them....and just to see you beautiful blog!!!!

Love and Respect


Oh ya, can't waiot for the parade!!! I love Parades;)

Odddollz by Jacqui said...

and Zan......maybe we could be parters some time,,,,,,you should have a word with the host:) lol

Anonymous said...

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