Sunday, July 11, 2010

I'm Terribly Late!!!

I am so sorry to break the commitment of doing the Alice In Wonderland" blog even:( MY BAD!!

Not that there is an excuse that is good enough but......... I have been working 70 hours a week and the last two day I have been with out the Internet:( My dolls are NOT finished but I have a good start on The Queen of Hearts, Alice with a severed white rabbit head ( I know, I know, sounds bad but it is kinda cute lol ) and a flamingo girl.

I promise to finish all of them soon and post pics here is you will be so kind as to come back to visit me here:)

I won't be around too much this summer as this summer gig I took will be taking up ALL my time!! Be back in full force in the fall though, I promise:)

Kay, off to see some of the ALcie dolls!!


Evelyn's Wonderland said...

Your Queen looks fantastic so far, I can't wait to see the rest. I do hope you will get some rest!

julie campbell said...

Your queen looks fab jacqui and its perfectly okay to be late in wonderland, look at the white rabbit :0)
Cant wait to see Alice with the severed head !!!
julie xx

sassypackrat said...

Love the hair and face! The Alice with the headless rabbit sounds awesome! Will keep checking back to see what "wonderful" characters you've done.

3rdEyeMuse said...

lovin the Queen, but I am soooo looking forward to the flamingo girl!!

Pattee said...

She's awesome Jacqui! She definitely has your style! Love that hair!!!

Well it won't be long and we can sit and have a cup of coffee/tea!

See you soon!: )

p.s. are you bringing any of your dolls????

Jdee said...

SHe looks wonderful! I love that red hair! So much character going on here!I know you will finish her soon and I will hold my breath until then!

Coach Z said...

She looks great..I cannot wait to see her when she is done! I am glad you made it even if you were late.


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Classroom Rugs said...

Looks impressive, can not wait to see photos of the rest!

Anonymous said...

Lovely face and hair.
Very beautiful creations on this blog.

The Studio at Crow Haven Farm, LLC said...

Hi Sweetheart...I left you something on my Blog...Go and fetch it! LOL
Have a great week!

Alfred Barrera said...

Super cool. :)

Unknown said...

Sorry for sincerity, but the toys is horrible, kkk.

Unknown said...

Pan said...

She's wonderful!

Playmobil Leisure said...

That doll looks very scary to me. She looks a lot like those mean stepmothers in movies.

Playmobil said...

Wow! That is great! It actually looked like the Queen Of Hearts. Great job on working with that doll.