Tuesday, May 12, 2009


This is "Beth" she is for Dag's quarterly challenge, "what is dark to you" the Doll is call Silently Sad and she has slit wrists:( So many young adults suffer from deep depression to the point where suicide seems the only way out and to me this is DARK. Beth suffers silently. She is finished now and I will be posting pictures of her probably tomorrow of the next day.

Lucky Lucky me again!!! Essie and I have done a trade and this is the magnificent Sacajawea, the doll Essie made for ME:) I just love her, she is beautiful and unusual and I am sooooo lucky to have her in my collection! Thank - you Es for my amazing doll and I hope Clarice arrives to you safely soon. Please stop my Esther's blog and check out her wicked cool dolls!!


essie said...

Hi sweety,
Beth has such a beautiful sad face!
And what a strong theme, yes that is very DARK!
I can't wait to see the finished pics.

Thank you so much for the feature.
I can't wait to see and hold Clarice in real.
I feel so lucky we did this swap.


Odddollz by Jacqui said...

Thank you Es for everything!!! Sacagawea is amazing and I am so happy to have her:)
I hope Clarice gets there soon and safe:)

Deep depression is indeep sad and dark, who ever really know how some one can be so sad as to take their own life and most often it is silently with out warning:(
I hope not to offend any one with my little sad Beth but his is dark to me:(


3rdEyeMuse said...

I think you've captured silent sadness in her face ... and that was before she was even done!! can't wait to see her finished.

Congratulations on a wonderful trade. :)

Sue said...

Silent Sadness is a very poignant and timely piece which does illustrate the terrible tragedy of suicide. So many suicide victims friends and family are sadly unaware until this terrible event hits them.

I love the piece Essie made for you...it is fabulous!

Odddollz by Jacqui said...

Thanks Michelle, for some reason sad faces come easyer to me?? She does indeed look sad. I am finished her and will be posting photos once I get some good ones.
Thank you Sue for the kind words and suicide is such a difficult thing for the people who are left behimd to deal with. I am sure always wondering why and if they could of helped. This is dark to me.

I am sooo lucky to have my very own Esther doll:) lucky lucky me!!
She is awesome in person, it is always so difficult to capute the spirit in a doll in a photo.
She is Beautiful and I love her:)


Joanna Thomas said...

I can already see the expression in her face. She does have a sadness about her. I can't wait to see her finished!

Odddollz by Jacqui said...

Thanks alot Joanna:)

Sonia ;) said...

My daughter suffers from depression, and that face is true to sadness... She is beautiful...Thank you tackling that darkness with a doll to bring awareness.

Sonia ;)

Odddollz by Jacqui said...

Dear Sonia

I am sorry you daughter suffers from depression, people do need to be aware of this disorder and with awarness comes help for them:)
My doll Beth touched my heart, I was obsessed with her un til she was finished!!

HUGZ to you and you daughter