Monday, October 20, 2008

Small doll show in London

So Sunday afternoon I went to a local doll show, I have gone the last 3 years and this year I think there were alot more OOAK dolls there then bbefore which was nice to see:) I had fun and scored some cool stuff too. I got a bunch of antique lace and trim and two antique childrens nighties!! I also got some glass eyes at a good price so I was a happy camper. I usually hand paint my eyes but it is nice sometimes to have glass as an option. They are so pretty!
All in all was a good day and I think I might get a booth next year. I will load some picture ;ater, right now my computer is being STUPID!!!! AUGH, I need a new computer!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Alternet end for Clarice

After some mixed reaction to Clarice's slit throat and graphic story I de-slit her throat and wrote a softer, less graphic ending. bottom line is.....she is ghost that wonders the orphanage garden.

When the Yellow Fever took his beautiful wife Eleanor, Norman was left to raise their only child Clarice. With a broken heart he did the best he could but life was so dark with out her. He found himself sinking deeper and deeper into debt and doom.
He lost his job at the coal mine because he had no one to care for Clarice and with no job it wasn't long before the bank took their home.
Norman had no where to turn and no family to help. He had no choice but to go to Mrs Blathersby's orphanage for the unattractive and mentally unsound. He knew that it was unusual for a grown man to ask to live there but he thought he could perhaps work for their room and board. He begged her to take them in and Mrs Blathersby agreed to and said he could be the gardener. She gave them a room in one of the towers.
Norman thought that since they were no longer in their home, the dreams would stop, but night after night Eleanor came to him pleading with him to bring Clarice and join her on the other side.
One night after waking in a sweat from yet another dream, Norman did the unthinkable!

As sweet Clarice lay sleeping, with her bear tucked under her arm, Daddy kissed her on the forehead as he collected her in his arms. He walk to the open window of their tower bedroom, stepped up onto the ledge and jumped.

Poor Norman did not know that if he took his own life he would not be going to the same place as Eleanor and Clarice but would be trapped in the tower forever.

Clarice can be seen from time to time wondering the gardens looking for him.

One more Zombie!!

Zombies really are fun to make:) Bernie now has a friend and the army of zombies begins!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Thanksgiving a bear and a rabbit

Well after a HUGE thanksgiving dinner and a tea I am finally relaxing after a busy day.
Wow, I have soooo much to be thankful for:) and I try not to take any of it for granted. I have a great man, a great business 2 great dogs, 3 great cats, a great family and an all round great life!!!

My nieces birthday is coming up and my sister Kelly (her mom) asked me to do a doll for her. Her name is Sarah and we have always called her bear so.......this is Sarah Bear and her baby rabbit. I Still want to get a buggy for her rabbit but other then that is is pretty much finished. The Rabbit will be from me:)
I hope she loves her.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Niece Sarah's Bear

My Niece Sarah has a birthday coming up this month and my sister Kelly (her mom) asked if I would do a doll for her birthday. We have always called Sarah "Bear" so I thought it would be appropriate to make her her own bear. I still need to paint, dress and make her a toy rabbit but this is it so far.

Jacqui and Kamila's clay day

So after a long count down, Kamlia and I finally had our clay play day on Sunday the 5th of Oct.

It got off to a rough start but I arrived at her house about 11 am. After a quick show and tell we were off antique shopping:) Kamila was looking for "fart jars" lol for her fart smelling bunny she intend to do soon. lol Can't wait to see it!!! Should be a hoot!!! I found some antique hankies and some things for Jay's tattoo machine building, hand made iron nails, a railroad spike and a horse shoe. All in all good finds were had by both of us:)

Then we were off to Tim Hortins (great Canadian coffee shop) to introduce Kamila to their once a year pumpkin muffins!!! OMG they are sooooooooo good! YUM YUM!! I got another person addicted to them. I am going to have to stock up on them and freeze them.

Off to make Zombies!!

Kamila made "Penny" a cute little Victorian zombie girl while I went for Bernie, the redneck farmer Zombie boy. They both turned out great and it was lots of fun!!!

I think as I got Kamila addicted to pumpkin muffins she got me addicted to mini Zombies:)

I can't wait to make more ZOMBIES!!!!