Saturday, October 18, 2008

Alternet end for Clarice

After some mixed reaction to Clarice's slit throat and graphic story I de-slit her throat and wrote a softer, less graphic ending. bottom line is.....she is ghost that wonders the orphanage garden.

When the Yellow Fever took his beautiful wife Eleanor, Norman was left to raise their only child Clarice. With a broken heart he did the best he could but life was so dark with out her. He found himself sinking deeper and deeper into debt and doom.
He lost his job at the coal mine because he had no one to care for Clarice and with no job it wasn't long before the bank took their home.
Norman had no where to turn and no family to help. He had no choice but to go to Mrs Blathersby's orphanage for the unattractive and mentally unsound. He knew that it was unusual for a grown man to ask to live there but he thought he could perhaps work for their room and board. He begged her to take them in and Mrs Blathersby agreed to and said he could be the gardener. She gave them a room in one of the towers.
Norman thought that since they were no longer in their home, the dreams would stop, but night after night Eleanor came to him pleading with him to bring Clarice and join her on the other side.
One night after waking in a sweat from yet another dream, Norman did the unthinkable!

As sweet Clarice lay sleeping, with her bear tucked under her arm, Daddy kissed her on the forehead as he collected her in his arms. He walk to the open window of their tower bedroom, stepped up onto the ledge and jumped.

Poor Norman did not know that if he took his own life he would not be going to the same place as Eleanor and Clarice but would be trapped in the tower forever.

Clarice can be seen from time to time wondering the gardens looking for him.


alimaky_woodedwoods said...

she STILL looks great! (even though I liked the slasher story best)
lol...sorry I encouraged you to such gore, we seem to fuel eachother to excess when we get going :P

Jacqui said...

hahaha Ya I was kinda partial to the slit throat story too:) kinda like the movies, an alternet ending for those who don't like the first
Yes we certainly do fuel each other to excess don't we?? oh but it is so much fun!!
When can we have another clay day? Is this week end still an option for you?