Sunday, August 31, 2008


Elliott was bone to Silvia and Tom Davies in 1892. He was an only child and had every thing a little boy could dream of having.

Tom was a successful lawyer and Sylvia an artist. They had a beautiful mansion with acreage in the country in England.

The only problem with this perfect life was that Tom like the bottle a little too much.

After a very long and stressful murder trial that he lost, he began a binge of drinking.

Sylvia wanting to shelter Elliott from this ugly side of his father decided to take him to his grandmothers for a few week and packed up the horse and buggy for the journey and they started the two day trip.

the weather was rainy and the roads were wet and slippery. Out of the woods came a pack a wolves and spooked the horses sending them into a tizzy. As the horses ran wild with fear the carriage tipped off the side of the road rolling over and over and landing in the ditch up side down. It was not until the following morning that they were discovered and by then Sylvia had passed due to her head injuries and Elliott lost his leg from being trapped under the buggy.

The news of the accident hit Tom like a ton of bricks and he hit the bottle even harder.

He could not look at Elliott with out seeing Sylvia and this broke his heart.

Sylvia's mother knew this was not a good place for Elliott to be and came to collect him to live with her. She was in her eighty year and in poor health herself, with in the year she passed on as well and Elliott was left homeless and awarded to the courts.

Due to his disability it was impossible to place him in a permanent home and the older her got the harder it became so off to MRSBO's he went where all the other unwanted children go.

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